Freedom Coop

This is OCP, our Open Collaborative Platform. The OCP is the key organizational tool we offer to individuals, collectives, and project coordinators inside Freedom Coop.

Therefore, it can be used to:

  • Boost open collaborative projects between people in different places.
  • Manage open collective projects and their team work by setting up task forces.
  • Account the time spent by every member to use it as a base of income distribution and a way of self-actualization for any project.
  • Use some legal services that can be covered with a quarterly fee and tax distribution between Freedom Coop members.
  • Manage an online Faircoin wallet to accept and make payments.

Freedom Coop, will use OCP for our collective organization as an open cooperative process.

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The first step to become a member of this project and use OCP, is to fill the following membership form:

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